Skin type analysis

Dear customersandclients,

Every skin isdifferent-asindividual as you are we want togive youa little helpto determinethe rightproducts for youwiththe followingshort-characterizations andtheskinself-test.

Normal skin: feels smoothandsupple.The skin isn’t shiny andhasveryfine pores. Normal skinhasa balancedsebum production; thenaturaloil and moisture balanceis intact.

Oily skin: meansan excessiveoilingof the skin, especiallythescalpandforeheadas well asthe whole face. It is robustin nature andhasvisible pores. The advantage of thisskinis thatyourskin is nottoodry.

 You can recognize the oily skin on the following characteristics:

 - Yourskinshines, the poresare dilated

- Yourskin is pronetoblemishessuch aspimples andblackheads

- The skin just showslittlelinesand wrinkles

- Your hair is quickly greasy

The combination skin ischaracterized by agreasy–and often moist -forehead,nose andchin(T-Zone), while theotherparts of the facearerather dry. Thebodyskin is normalor dry.

 You can recognize the combination skin on the following characteristics:

 - Theskinshines, especiallyon the chin, nose and forehead(T-zone), the pores areenlarged

- Theskin is proneto blackheadsandpimplesin the T-zone.

- The skin appearspaleandgray, andin the T-zone slightly redandscaly.

- The skin just showslittlelinesand wrinkles.

Dry skin ischaracterized byfatdeficiencyof the skindue to decreasedsebum production.

You can recognize the dry skin on the following characteristics:

 - Theskinisn’t sosmooth.

- Theskinfeels likeparchment.

- Theskinhasveryfine pores.

- Sensitive skinis caused by alack of fatormoisture. She isirritatedquickly.

You can recognize the sensitive skin on the following characteristics:

- Theskinisirritatedquicklywithexternal influencessuch ascold.

- Theskin is proneto rednessorreactions.

- Theskinis stretched, it burns and itchesfrom time totime.

 Mature, demandingskin:

 - Wrinkles

- Thinning of the skin

- Formationofpigmentspots